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driveway alarm systems have many applications
Including: alarms for farms, stables, rural residence protection, nurseries, businesses needing yard or compound security, car yard perimeters, farm security systems, fish ponds,
swimming pool security....

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  Farm security is a priority for Parabeam

An Infrared security beam near the driveway entrance of the property will give an early warning of the arrival of a visitor, customer or intruder.

The Parabeam security beam can stretch up to 50 meters which can cover the entire frontage of a property and can be concealed easily.

Parabeam Wireless Driveway / Perimeter Alarm Systems really come into their own when farm security is a priority.

The Parabeam point-to-point security beam is simply the most reliable external detector on the market. Not to be confused with PIR type detectors which can give false alerts due to peripheral movement and bad weather conditions.

It's an unfortunate fact that theft and aggravated burglary are all too common in farms, rural residences and businesses. Parabeam is most importantly an early warning system, it alerts you to an intruder before they get to what they want! When you are not at home Parabeam can alert you by text message to up to 8 mobile phone numbers. 

Conventional burglar alarms and CCTV cameras are all well and good but little use when intruders are already inside your property.

What use is a CCTV recording of an intruder stealing your possessions?
Parabeam alerts you BEFORE anyone even reaches your property. 

Number 1 on the "most wanted list" of most criminals is fuel.

Outdoor fuel tanks are an absolute necessity on farms but can be extremely vulnerable and an easy target for thieves.

Even half a tank of fuel going missing is a costly blow:

  • The cost of replacing the fuel

  • The cost of replacing damaged locks and tank parts

  • The cost of your time sorting it all out

  • The hassle and inconvenience

A basic Parabeam alert system would more than pay for itself deterring just one attempted theft!

Protect your farm fuel tank with a Parabeam Alert System

In most cases we hear about, fuel theft occurs on a regular basis throughout the year.

The Police are powerless by the time they are alerted to the theft usually the next day when the damaged tank is discovered.

If the Police are notified when the thieves are on site and in the act they have a very good chance of actually catching them and ending the cycle of crime in the area.

For as little as 349.00 a Parabeam Alert System is worth it's weight in gold. 


         Prevent quad bike and other farm vehicle thefts by installing a Parabeam Alert System

Number 2 on the "most wanted list" of most criminals is the quad bike.

The quad bike, or indeed any farm working vehicle is one of the most valuable assets in terms of everyday usability and convenience for the farmer.

Unfortunately they are very easily stolen and either stolen "to order" as a running unit or broken up and sold for parts.

We've heard stories of thieves going to extreme lengths to remove these from outbuildings even with conventional passive security measures were in place.

Again, the message is.... know they are there BEFORE they can get their hands on anything! Don't wait until it's gone before you install a Parabeam. 

A Parabeam point-to point beam with a width of 50 meters can be placed strategically to give you advance warning of any intruder.

      Outbuildings are the favourite choice of opportunist thieves

Once thieves are inside a farm outbuilding they can take their time looking for the most valuable and easy items to uplift.

Even more important to the thief is how easy items are to on-sell and how hard they would be to trace. The cost again soon mounts up when you have to replace valuable farm tools and equipment like chainsaws, mowers, power tools etc.

On many farms outbuildings and multiple entrances can be covered with one or two security beams. The Parabeam Base Receiver has 4 separate zones so a total of 4 infrared security beams can transmit to one Base Receiver.

Many applications can achieve full perimeter protection using 4 beams. Each zone has it's own sequence of alert beeps so you know which beam has detected an intruder.


Outbuildings and multiple entrances can be covered by one or two beamsets

This image shows how just a single security beam can cover two entrances and a farm outbuilding.

In this example a base receiver in the farmhouse would give an immediate alert when something solid passes through the infrared security beam.
A receiver also placed in the outbuilding could trigger an audible or visual alert as a deterrent.

     Parabem alerts you to intruders before anyone reach your property

Once an intruder has been detected.

With Parabeam systems there are many choices of deterrent. If an alert is experienced during the day, just simply going to the area may scare off a would-be thief. At night time, simply turning house lights on or opening curtains again may be enough to let thieves know they have been detected.

The Parabeam Base Receiver has an array of different outputs which can be used to drive external sirens, visual warnings like a flashing strobe or can be used to switch more powerful external lighting and sounders.

In situations where thefts have been a regular occurrence, Parabeam Driveway / Perimeter Alert Systems can and have help in the catching of the culprits.    

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